The use of this system is subject to certain conditions as set out in the alert collection and handling procedure. Please take note of this before filing any report.

The Group’s whistleblowing system enables staff members of the Bolloré Group companies and the Group’s external and occasional employees to bring to its attention a criminal offence, a serious and manifest breach of the law or a regulation, a threat to the general interest or a breach of Bolloré Group’s Code of Conduct of which they have personal knowledge.
This professional whistleblowing system also allows any individual to report a breach of Bolloré Group’s Code of Conduct, including the existence or the risk of serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the health and safety of persons, and the environment, resulting from the business activities of the companies of the Bolloré Group or their subcontractors or suppliers.
The whistleblowing system does not replace the conventional methods of reporting information such as alerts via the line management.
This system supplements and does not replace conventional methods of reporting information such as the line of authority, and using the system is in any case optional.

Reports must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Authentication: the use of this system is, in principle, subject to the identification of the whistleblower. On an exceptional basis, anonymity is accepted where the alert provides sufficient details for establishing the seriousness of the acts in question;
  • Good faith: users of the system must act in a disinterested manner and in good faith; in this respect, the facts pertaining to the alert must be presented in an objective and factual manner demonstrating their presumed nature and must have a direct link to the purpose of the alert.
The whistleblower enjoys the types of guarantee which are usually afforded to people issuing such alerts. Therefore, information identifying the whistleblower is processed in a confidential manner and may not be divulged to third parties (other than those investigating the alert and the judicial authorities) without the whistleblower’s consent.

Moreover, the use of the system in good faith does not expose the whistleblower to any disciplinary sanction, even if the facts prove to be inaccurate or are not followed up. However, misuse of the system may result disciplinary sanctions and legal proceedings against the whistleblower.
Alerts submitted via the platform are subject to an admissibility analysis and, where applicable, an investigation undertaken by specially authorised persons which serves to establish in a timely manner the materiality of the facts in question.
The whistleblower is regularly informed of the progress of the alert via an online discussion space and the status assigned to his or her file.

For more information on the various steps in the handling of your alert, please refer to the procedure provided for this purpose.
Your data collected using this whistleblowing system will be processed by the Bolloré Group's company concerned by your alert and by the company Bollore SE, acting jointly as data controllers, for the purpose of its instruction and processing. To exercise your rights of access, rectification on erroneous data, opposition, deletion, limitation of use of certain data and data portability with a view to their transmission to a third party but also (for people residing in France) to define the fate of your data after your death, please contact

Your personal data

By providing us with the information below you are helping us process your report by enabling us to contact you for further details. This information may not be disclosed without your consent, except to the judicial authority. In exceptional circumstances, you may wish to remain anonymous. However, in such a case, your report will only be admissible if it provides sufficient details for establishing the seriousness of the acts in question.

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Your data will be processed by the Bolloré Group company concerned by your alert for the purposes of processing and investigating it. To exercise your rights of access and rectification of inaccurate data concerning you and, in the cases and within limits provided for by regulation, rights of objection and erasure of some of your data, and rights to restrict their use or request data portability for transmission to a third party, and also (for persons residing in France) to determine what happens to your data after your death, please contact For more information, please refer to the procedure provided for this purpose.
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Persons involved

In order to facilitate the processing of your report, please identify all the alleged perpetrators of the acts you report. As a reminder, these individuals will not under any circumstances be able to obtain information that can identify you.

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To facilitate the processing of your report, we encourage you to describe as precisely as possible the nature of the events and when they occurred (date of occurrence, date on which you personally became aware of them). For your report to be admissible, please limit yourself only to the events of which you are personally aware and word them in an objective manner, making it clear that they are allegations.

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Important information
Unless you have chosen to remain anonymous, all personal data required to record, manage and follow up claims filed on the Whistleblowing portal will be processed by the Whistleblowing Manager.
If no follow-up is given to a claim, any data that can be used to identify the person who filed the claim or the person named in the claim will be irrevocably destroyed within two months of the decision not to pursue matters. If matters are pursued, all relating data will be kept on record for the time required to process the claim and will be destroyed when it is no longer deemed necessary from a legal point of view.
You have the right to access, correct and erase any data relating to you on the Whistleblowing portal for legitimate reasons and can exercise that right at any time by sending an email to or by sending a letter to Bolloré, Tour Bolloré, 31-32 quai de Dion Bouton, 92811 Puteaux cedex, France, with a copy of a signed proof of identity.
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